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meet Ur best self

superU is a functional tonic using all-natural ingredients and superfoods to amplify U natUrally.


Our Tonics

We came up with three unique flavors, all using fresh pressed vegetable and fruit juice, superfoods, and apple cider vinegar. No added sugar, no preservatives - just amazing ingredients U will love.


Our Story

We, Korina Sanchez and Marie Rowland, have been friends for over 10 years. We met at the University of Michigan and now, live in Chicago together. Wellness has always been important to both of us but we have struggled to filter out the noise and get to the real stuff. Brands, influencers, and many other external voices are constantly telling us what we should do and who we should be but that just doesn’t resonate with us. We wanted to find a natural pick-me-up and solution for stress-relief. Enter superU.


our mission

we believe U are Ur greatest super power - we just provide a natural boost to amplify U

Our tonics are apple cider vinegar based to promote gut health, fresh-pressed veggie and fruit juice for additional vitamins nutrients, and superfoods, including CBD, focused on stress-relief and anti-inflammation.

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